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Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Coupons For Spinach!

I recently found an email on clipping coupons. When I accesed the web site all the coupons were for packaged foods, and I found myself thinking, I don't use this stuff.

Even though vegetables are known for a low calorie, high nutrient food. Food to eat when you want to get fiber and increase your vitality. You don't find many coupons  for spinach or a pachage of carrots. Why?

Well it may be the age old supply and demand issue. Or it's just that the profit margin is so low on produce that the big food manufactures make more money offering coupons on processed, packaged food.

There is an opportunity here for all of those people who want healthy bodies and longevity not to mention more quality to their lives. Don't bother with the coupons and head for the produce department.

Sure, there are always coupons to clip to save some money on various products that we all use. But if your shopping cart is filled with packages and not produce then their is an imbalance in your menu planning.

The good thing is that you can read all the ingredients that is in the food in those packages. Since packaged food are the only  items that must have by law, labels. All the sodium, sugar, fat etc. that you are getting in your packaged food is written right there for the world to see.

Produce does not have to have a label. However the nutrition information must be posted in the produce department for the top 20 selling items. Really? Yea, it's there. Usually on a large hanging board, or it may be in a pamphlet, but not on a label.

I provide an extensive label reading session with my patients because I find that they may be able to read the information, but not know what the numbers, and percentages mean to their overall health.

Do you know what the human body needs as far as nutrients every day to stay in optimal health? If not the food label will tell you what is in the food but not what it means to you.

If you knew how important those nutrients were to your body, and what they would be doing for you everyday would you eat them? Hopefully you would learn to love thefoods that would keep you healthy and you would eat more of them.

What is interesting is that their is not information on the label telling you that "if you eat this food it can make you sick". 

 Hmmm, that would be something wouldn't it?

For Example:

Did you know that brocolli is loaded with antioxdents and phytochemicals to prevent heart attacks and cancer? It has fiber to fill you up to prevent you from over eating. And only .3 grams of fat for one cup. 

I would love for you to ponder that if you ate good nutritious food everyday all your life you probably would have a longer healthier more productive life.

I will be exploring healthy foods here in my blog to help you envision your life as healthy just by providing your body with the best nutrients it can get.

Please contact me: suepeacock@earthlink.net with questions or comments.



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